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Joanne's Story

I lived next door to a wig shop in the Bayview in San Francisco.  Often I would just wander around the aisles looking up and down the rows and rows of wigs. 

Then I started trying them on - then buying them.

A group of friends started going to Burning Man in 1996 and we would take our costumes out to the blank white canvas of the desert.  Bright little bobs - orange and pink, blue and green....  it was so much fun and would totally alleviate the nightmare of no showers and dry hair - pop on a wig and look super!

Then I began purchasing wigs that looked real - I remember wearing one to work on Halloween and talking to the CEO in the elevator whom I worked with a lot - but he didn't even recognise me .... I found it amazing how so many male friends would not recognise me with a wig on.


My love of wigs had me play games with my husband and get dressed up with a completely different wig to my normal blonde hair and we would agree to a time to meet at an upmarket bar like Harry Denton's top floor of downtown San Francisco.  It would add new spice and vigor to our relationship.

Then came "Mandy" - my husband and I ran a shipping company together - He was the Captain and I the Executive Director, however - once a Captain always a Captain - and really he never could hand over the business reigns very well. 

I wanted it to work - would do all and everything to make it work and so we came up with "Mandy" -  I would put my red Mandy wig on and my suit and come down to work on the ship - and while I was "Mandy" - I was the secretary, yes Sir, no Sir, however you want it Sir.  It worked.  I kept my business strategies to myself and he got done what he wanted how he wanted it.   just do as he said, exactly the way he wanted (which wasn't always a good business idea) ... it caused some problems in trying to work together.

It's amazing how people truly will not recognise you in a wig.  Glance, glance again, look in your face - with this confused look and then surprise and then generally laughter.

And the best part is different coloured wigs attract COMPLETELY different men.

Wigs are good for bad hair days.  Wigs make you feel different - fun, sexy, sombre, intelligent, serious - all depending on the cut and colour. 

We only live once -  don't cut off your long hair - don't feel stuck with bad hair - just buy a wig - or 10 !

I just bought your Hayley wig and it arrived today - very happy with it - I always love the proper elasticized caps with the straps that tighten and make it fit better.

Tried it on and going to go as "Mandy" to the festival the whole time now.... in one of those moods.




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