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Wig Education

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should I wash my Wig?

A.  Think of your Wig like a fine cashmere sweater. Only wash your Wigs when needed, we recommend every 8 - 12 wears, see our “How To Wash Your Wig” page for more information.

Q. Can I use a GHD / Blow Dryer?

A. Yes you can use heating tools up to 200 degrees Celsius on all Luxury Wigs. Make sure your heating tool has a digital temperature setting. The Wigs can be straightened or curled. We would recommend not doing this on a daily basis as, like real hair, they do cause damage after continuous use.

Q. What is the best fibre for Wigs?

A. We believe Futura high heat synthetic Japanese fibre is the best fibre to make Wigs from. It has a light, soft, bouncy natural looking texture and looks like real hair. It is also low maintenance, has the long durability and costs less than human hair to maintain. We find Futura fibre is better than human hair Wigs and can be 10% of the cost.

Q. What cap construction is best?

A. Luxury Wigs uses an open cap construction, which has open wefts inside the cap to allow for superior ventilation, which is perfect for the hot Australian climate.

Q. Do I need to measure my head?

A. Luxury Wigs are designed to fit most people, with adjustable Velcro tabs inside the back of the cap to make it larger or smaller to fit the size of your head.

Q. What is lace front and do I need to cut it?

A. Lace front is a sheer piece of lace that blends into your forehead to create a natural looking fringe. The lace is pre-cut so you can wear the Wig straight out of the box.

Q. Can you cut and dye a Wig?

A. Yes a hairdresser can cut your Wig. Think of it as a blank canvas and have the Wig personally cut and styled to suit you. If the Wig ends look tired trim them to freshen the Wig up. Synthetic Wigs cannot be coloured or dyed.

Q. Can I return my wig if I don’t like it?

A. Yes absolutely, if you are not happy with your Wig, please return it within 30 days of purchase. See our Returns Policy for full details.

Q. Do I need to wear double sided Wig tape?

A. No, all our Wigs are ready to wear straight out of the box and fit securely. People who do like to wear tape are those who are active (sports / dancers) who would like a more secure fit. Wig tape remover can be sprayed onto the Wig to remove the tape.

Q. Can my Wig catch fire?

A. No, all our Wigs are made from flame retardant Futura fibre so will not singe or damage near fireplaces, ovens, stovetops etc.  However always be cautious around open flames.

Q. Can I brush the Wig?

A. Styling is best done with fingers or the provided wig comb to avoid static. Do not use your regular hairbrush. If static occurs, immerse in water and let drip dry and the Wig will bounce back into shape.

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