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Your Wig: Making The Cut

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Warning - Your wig will not grow back! (obviously).

When cutting or styling your wig, you are giving the wig a new lease on life. Whether the wig is straight out of the box or it has seen better days, cutting your wig will freshen the style and you can personalise the wig to suit your features. If the wig has been worn tirelessly, is old and has shabby ends, having a good trim will kick some life into it!

If you feel like a change, head to your hair salon and have a chat about your style.

Tip 1: Ask them to cut your wig in stages.

Long or Medium length wigs can be cut a few times, and with each cut you can create a different style. This is a great way to enjoy a variety of styles without the price tag of buying different wigs! After these trials, you will know exactly what your next wig purchase should be.

If your wig is a short style, talk about freshening up the look and the layers.

Tip 2: Wear the wig whilst the hairdresser is styling.

This way the hairdresser can complement and extenuate certain features of your face. For example, the hairdresser can shape the wig to compliment a Heart Shape face and disguise the width of the forehead, by keeping the hair close to the head and eyes, and creating a full body around the jaw and front of the earlobes.

Tip 3: If you are not sure what style you would like, only have a trim.

We have all had that sinking feeling walking out of the hair salon, so be firm and only cut if you are sure!

If you are looking for inspiration, reading fashion magazines is the best way to get it. (plus who doesn’t love putting their feet up with coffee and cake!)

Enjoy your fresh style. Remember, be sure before you cut!

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