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Which CAP do I choose for my wig?

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We use an open cap with lace front when needed (wigs that don't have a fringe and you see the hairline) and open cap without lace front (wigs that have a fringe and you don't see the hairline).

The 3 reasons we have chosen an open style cap are:

  • 1) Suitable for the Australian climate
  • 2) Durable
  • 3) Really affordable

Open Style Cap

Most of the cap has open wefting for air ventilation. The hair is pre-teased at the roots to cover the cap underneath plus has built in volume and a natural lift.

The lace front creates an illusion that looks like natural hair is coming out of the hairline and each hair is individually hand tied to the sheer lace to allow styling away from the face. The lace is already pre-trimmed so it is ready to wear straight out of the box.

Many celebrities wear lace front wigs. The lace front feature adds expense onto wigs, so Luxury Wigs have only added this feature onto styles that need it, those without bangs where the hair is pulled off your face.

Monofilament Caps 

These are a thinner mesh material that many wig wearers find itchy and uncomfortable on their scalps. It also increases the cost of the wig, adding at least $200 to the price of a wig.

A monofilament wig is useful if you are wanting to change the part in many directions, but this feature isn’t necessary for many people.

Cap Size - Do I need to measure my head?

You don’t need to worry about measuring your head when you choose a Luxury Wig. 95% of people have an average head size.

Our caps are made in average size with adjustable straps that give you an extra ½ inch to lengthen or tighten so you can adjust it for comfort and security.

You don’t need to wear extra clips and the wig won’t fly off, it is designed to be a snug fit.

If you are particularly active and doing a lot of exercise that’s wonderful! Your Luxury Wig will stand up to going to the gym, swimming, etc, if you use the double sided wig tape which gives a strong hold.

You can use the tape remover to remove it from your skin and wig cap afterwards.

This allows you to wear the wig up to 2 weeks without removing it if desired. You can also clip the wig into your own hair with bobby pins or wig clips if you feel you are needing extra security.

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