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How to Choose a Luxury Wig in 2 EASY STEPS!

Posted by Mandy Coates Founder Luxury Wigs and Hair, manufacturing wigs since 2005 on

1. Choose your Cut and Style

Choose the length that you want – short, medium or long.

Choose a style that you like and which suits your face shape – think about straight, wavy, curly, fringe, no fringe, layers, boy cuts, bobs.

Remember, a good hairdresser can always help shape and personalise your wig by cutting the length, thinning out the volume, adding in a fringe and changing the style of any wig to customise it to suit you.

You don’t need to wear the wig like it is straight out of the box. Play around with it, brush it out, use heat to style it, wear it up. Make the wig look like it belongs to you.

2. Choose your colour

Luxury Wigs offers each wig in the top 10 colours for each style according to the latest hairstyle and fashion trends.

We have photographed every wig, in every colour on a real person so you don’t need to choose a colour from a 2cm colour swatch.

We also have a colour ring that you can access by:

  • Visiting one of our colour specialist stockists to see the colour ring and having them help you choose a colour that suits you.
  • Purchasing your own colour ring direct from us

Or you may prefer to send us a sample of your hair or a photograph of your hair. Our wig expert will then match it up for you.

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