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Feeling the Emotional Side of Hair Loss

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The physical aspect of losing your hair is very hard to deal with, but the other much more challenging side is the emotional side.

The journey of hair loss affects everyone in different ways, but it can be substantially more uncomfortable for women. Whether it be the feeling of ‘the end of youth’, dissatisfaction with body image, low self-esteem or feelings of introversion, we all feel the emotional shift which comes with hair loss.

Being told you will lose your hair due to a medical reason can be very overwhelming. Going home after receiving the diagnosis can be the most confusing time. For some, there can be a lingering period where there is no hair loss. This may bring thoughts of wonder, am I an exception? Maybe the doctor got it wrong? Whether the hair loss happens quickly or it takes some time, the questions of wearing a wig may arise; can I wear a wig while I still have hair? Will it feel comfortable? Will it look natural?

I work with a husband and wife team, Andrew and Mandy Coates. They have had their own successful fashion wig business for 10 years. After Andrew’s mother lost her hair through chemotherapy, they decided to branch into manufacturing Medical Grade Wigs, where Luxury Wigs was born.

I have found the Luxury Wig’s team to be very supportive and understanding toward people dealing with hair loss. They have tirelessly developed this product because they believe women deserve to have confidence, no matter the reason.

Luxury Wigs has taken the complexities and stresses out of medical grade wigs, where traditionally you are overcome with expensive price tags and an overwhelming number of choices in cap construction, fibre type and cap size, and more often than not have to order in from overseas.

The LW team is here to help women through this transition, to help give back confidence, and to answer those confusing questions which surround hair loss and choosing the right style of wig.  

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